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Women In Training Elects Diverse Board Members, Promotes Others

Updated: Aug 30

WIT also appoints a new leadership development advisory committee chairwoman

Women In Training, Inc., headed by Alabama State Representative Rolanda Hollis, Chairwoman, elected a new president, vice president and two new board members. At its board meeting on Aug. 27, 2023, WIT elected Adeyela Albury Bennett, the WIT Chief Engagement Officer, as its President and CEO. Since their 12th birthday in July 2019, Ms. Bennett has guided her twin daughters, Breanna and Brooke, in their quest to help end period poverty and help develop girls into culturally aware global leaders.

“We are excited to have new people joining Women In Training, both as board members and as trusted advisors,” said Alabama State Rep. Rolanda Hollis, the WIT Board Chairwoman. “We look forward to harnessing new energy and generating new ideas from our newly reinvigorated leadership as we continue to expand on WIT’s global mission to end period poverty.”

Alabama State Rep. Rolanda Hollis, WIT Board Chairwoman

The board also elected the following officers and members:

  • Bradley Bennett, the Southern Poverty Law Center's Director of Editorial Services and former WIT Communications Chairman, was elected Vice President

  • Elizabeth Johnson Sellers, the U.S. Digital Manager for the Humanity and Inclusion nonprofit organization and WIT Board Secretary, was elected Communications Chairwoman; she will also continue to serve as Board Secretary.

  • Dana Taunton, Esq., a Montgomery personal injury and product liability attorney with Beasley Allen Law Firm, was elected Member and Governance Committee Chairwoman

  • Dr. Celeste Reese-Willis, a Birmingham family care physician, was elected Medical Director

Bradley Bennett, who previously served as the WIT Communications Chairman, was elected Vice President.

The other members and officers of the WIT Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Kimberly Brown, Education Specialist at the Alabama Department of Education and Chairwoman of the President's Volunteer Service Award and WIT Strategic Planning Committees

  • Tania Johns, Special Projects and Policy Consultant for the City of Montgomery and WIT Board Member

  • Alonzetta Landrum-Sims, MBA, a retired accountant and WIT Board Treasurer

  • Sandra Whatley-Washington, a retired educator and WIT Development Chairwoman

The Women in Training board also elected Tina Lewis, a Montgomery Public Schools STEM teacher, as Chairwoman of the WIT Leadership Development Academy Advisory Committee, a non-board position. The goal of the committee is to develop a cohort of young women with a strong understanding of global issues, career options and a commitment to service.

Tina Lewis with several Monarchs or WIT Young Leaders.

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