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Mentorship Program

In Women In Training, Inc., our mission is to advocate for menstrual equity, menstrual education, and engage girls in community service and social justice. Our core values encompass womanism, global citizenship, intersectionality, liberation, and decolonization. WITKITS® is the organization’s signature program for supporting people in need

The WIT Mentorship Program is a program of the WIT Leadersihp Development Academy, which aims to facilitate formal and experiential learning opportunities to cultivate young women into culturally competent and compassionate global leaders who care about themselves and the world around them.

Women in Training Monarchs

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The entire Women in Training, Inc. team is excited to match middle and high school “Monarchs”  in our WIT Leadership Development Academy with women mentors.  We are seeking mentors who are committed and willing to empower, educate, and support our young leaders.

A mentor’s wealth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom will be invaluable assets in fostering professional growth, building confidence, and navigating personal and career opportunities for our Monarchs. A dedicated mentor can create a lasting impact on a girl’s life, paving the way for a brighter future.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a WIT team member through email at

Mentorship Program Steering Committee

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Dana Carr
Technical Assistance Consultant
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