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Ending Poverty. Period!

One in five American girls and young women skip school or miss work because they cannot afford sanitary pads or tampons to stay healthy and clean during their period. Women in Training (WIT), Inc. aims to #EndPeriodPoverty.


Impoverished girls, women and non-binary youth often use socks, toilet paper, paper towels and washcloths to stay healthy and clean during menstruation. Even worse, they use the same tampon or sanitary pad repeatedly, which can lead to toxic shock syndrome and bacterial infections.  


To alleviate period poverty, Women in Training, Inc. provides monthly donations of #WITKITS® -- canvas bags full of menstrual and hygiene products -- to at-risk girls, young women and non-binary youth.

Latest News

Leadership Montgomery & WIT Host Virtual 5K Race Kickoff;
Race Continues to October 31


Photos by Jill Friedman

Women in Training, Inc. is collaborating with Leadership Montgomery’s Torchbearers Class XII in the WIT 5K Virtual Race to End Period Poverty, from Oct. 10 to Oct. 31, 2020.


The race kick off was on National Period Day, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Alabama Shakespeare Festival’s Shakespeare Garden, 1 Festival Drive in Montgomery, Alabama. The culminating award ceremony will take place on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020, at the same time and location.


Participants may walk or run the 5K at any location – including their home treadmill, their gym, through their neighborhoods, in a nearby park, around the block a few times or anywhere else they choose. Supporters may also simply donate money to the race to fight period poverty.


Women In Training, Inc. is organizing the WIT 5K Virtual Race in conjunction with Leadership Montgomery's Torchbearers Class XII, which is providing logistics and marketing support for the event. Leadership Montgomery is a diverse group of community leaders who embrace change, leverage diversity and address critical community issues. The program was designed to offer its participants leadership training and a safe environment to learn about the various aspects of the community and to voice openly and freely their perspectives and concerns with one another in hope to work together for a better community for all. Leadership Montgomery has assembled and graduated over 1,400 community leaders from the original program.


The WIT 5K Virtual Race was selected by Leadership Montgomery Torchbearers Class XII to directly impact our community and support the mission of WITKITS®. This collaboration is one of eleven community projects currently taking place in Montgomery.


To learn more about the event and to sign up, click here.

Billboards to bring awareness to the WIT Virtual 5K Race to End Period Poverty are up during the month of October! 

Dr. Clark Talks About WIT Virtual 5K 

WSFA interviewed Dr. LaToya Clark, Women In Training Board President and Chairwoman, about the WIT Virtual 5K Race to End Period Poverty. It is always fascinating to see and hear about Dr. Clark handling WIT business in between delivering babies and performing surgery!  

It was a good day for Women In Training - WIT.

We delivered monthly replenishments of menstrual, hygiene, and COVID-19 personal protective equipment supplies to several organizations that work with youth, including Brantwood Children's Home, The Salvation Army of Montgomery, AL—serving the River Region, That's My Child, and Common Ground Montgomery. 


Next month, we will resume the reproductive health and cultural identity education component of our program. Thank you for your generous donations that make our services possible!

Thank you to the Southern Poverty Law Center for once again supporting Breanna and Brooke Bennett’s vision for a just world.

We are grateful for the SPLC $2,500 grant to  Women In Training, Inc., and will use the funds to help eradicate poverty. Period!

This photo by Jill Friedman was taken at the SPLC's Civil Rights Memorial Center two years ago when the twins debuted their film, Architects of Change Documentary.  

CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Funds grant

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey approved a CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Funds grant to Women In Training - WIT. The grant, our largest to date, will enable WIT to continue providing monthly #WITKITS of menstrual and hygiene items and  #COVID19 personal protective equipment to underserved young people and their families. We are grateful for this support. Here is Gov. Ivey two years ago with Breanna and Brooke Bennett, the WIT founders. 


Menstrual Cycle Guide

WIT KITS® Campaign

WIT KITS® Campaign is the signature program of Women in Training, Inc.

Photo by Jill Friedman

Menstrual Education Program

Ssshhh... The "P" word is the best-kept medical secret! Even though half of the population have a period for most of their lives, no one talks openly about it. 

Photo by Jill Friedman

Photo by Jill Friedman

Women in Training, Inc. provides monthly donations of #WITKITS® -- canvas bags full of menstrual and hygiene products -- to organizations that work with underserved girls, young women, and non-binary youth. 

WIT aims to end the stigma and silence about the monthly menses by facilitating 30-minute menstrual education presentations to community groups, religious organizations and schools.

Thank you to our corporate and community partners who provide financial and/or in-kind support to help Women in Training (W.I.T.), Inc. provide services.

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