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Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of American girls suffering from period poverty has increased from one in five to one in four. A full 25 percent of our menstruating youth cannot afford sanitary pads or tampons to stay healthy and clean during their period. Women in Training (WIT), Inc. aims to #EndPeriodPoverty.


Impoverished girls, women and non-binary youth often use socks, toilet paper, paper towels and washcloths to stay healthy and clean during menstruation. Even worse, they use the same tampon or sanitary pad repeatedly, which can lead to toxic shock syndrome and bacterial infections.  


To alleviate period poverty, Women in Training, Inc. provides monthly donations of #WITKITS® -- canvas bags full of menstrual and hygiene products -- to at-risk girls, young women and non-binary youth.

Latest News

WIT International Day of the Woman Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Women in Training, Inc. cordially invites you to the WIT International Day of the Woman film screening and panel discussion. The event will be held at the Capri Theatre in Montgomery on Saturday, March 6, 2021, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Special guests will be middle and high school girls enrolled in the WIT Leadership Development Circle and the WIT Rites-of-Passage Circle. We are providing these young women with the crucial personal development, cultural enrichment and leadership development skills necessary to become global leaders. The participants come from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of schools, including LAMP, Saint James School, Tuskegee Institute Virtual Middle School, Middlebrook Middle, Childersburg Middle and Auburn Middle. 


Ms. Ellis Eskew, on-air personality from Alabama News Network, has agreed to moderate the panel discussion.


We are requesting a $10 donation for in-person or virtual attendance. 


Here are links for ticket purchases: 

In-person viewing at the Capri Theatre
Virtual viewing

Congratulations to Brad Bennett on his Promotion

Congratulations to Women in Training Board Member, Bradley C. Bennett, on his recent promotion at the Southern Poverty Law Center to Interim Editorial Director!

St. John's Episcopal Church Provides Grant to WIT

Thank you to Barbara Wells, former Women in Training, Inc. President and Board Chairwoman, for helping us secure a generous gift from St. John’s Episcopal Church! We truly appreciate the parishioners' kindness.

Rep. Rolanda Hollis Reintroduces Bill To Put Free Menstrual Products In Alabama Schools

Alabama State Rep. Rolanda Hollis reintroduce a bill in the state Legislature on November 30, 2020, that would require schools in the state to provide free period products to students in need.


Hollis introduced the new bill, HB-88, in the Legislature this week. It would require schools serving students in the fifth through twelfth grade to make free menstrual products available to students in every school nurse’s office. 


Hollis originally introduced the same bill in February as HB-237, but the COVID-19 pandemic ended the legislative session before the bill could come before lawmakers for a vote.


Hollis has brought the bill back in the new session. She was inspired by 13-year-old twins Breanna and Brooke Bennett, who co-founded Women In Training for their 12th birthday in July 2019. After learning that 20% of American girls and women cannot afford menstrual products, the twins decided to donate their birthday money that year to buy products for women in need. 

This event is open to the public; however, the Capri Theatre is limiting in-person attendance to 50 people because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The theatre has a 200-person capacity.


We will screen the following films:

Shaping our State, which is a trilogy of short films to inspire Black girls to become involved in the electoral process.

Architects of Change, which is a 30-minute documentary produced by then 11-year-old Breanna and Brooke, in collaboration with the Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University.


The following political figures and filmmakers will serve as panelists:

Alabama State Representative Rolanda Hollis 

Montgomery Circuit Court Judge The Honorable Brooke E. Reid

Montgomery County Commissioner Ronda M. Walker 

City of Montgomery Councilwoman Audrey Graham 

Khadidah Stone, WIT Youth Development Director and Political Consultant 

Meredith Riley, Executive Producer, Shaping Our State 

Jameelah Nuriddin, Executive Producer, Shaping Our State 

Breanna and Brooke Bennett, Producers, Architects of Change Documentary 


For more information, please write witalabama@gmail.com.


Menstrual Cycle Guide

WIT KITS® Campaign

WIT KITS® Campaign is the signature program of Women in Training, Inc.

Photo by Jill Friedman

Menstrual Education Program

Ssshhh... The "P" word is the best-kept medical secret! Even though half of the population have a period for most of their lives, no one talks openly about it. 

Photo by Jill Friedman

Photo by Jill Friedman

Women in Training, Inc. provides monthly donations of #WITKITS® -- canvas bags full of menstrual and hygiene products -- to organizations that work with underserved girls, young women, and non-binary youth. 

WIT aims to end the stigma and silence about the monthly menses by facilitating 30-minute menstrual education presentations to community groups, religious organizations and schools.

Thank you to our corporate and community partners who provide financial and/or in-kind support to help Women in Training (W.I.T.), Inc. provide services.

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