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One in five American girls and young women skip school or miss work because they cannot afford sanitary pads or tampons to stay healthy and clean during their period. Women in Training (WIT), Inc. aims to #EndPeriodPoverty.


Impoverished girls, women and non-binary youth often use socks, toilet paper, paper towels and washcloths to stay healthy and clean during menstruation. Even worse, they use the same tampon or sanitary pad repeatedly, which can lead to toxic shock syndrome and bacterial infections.  


To alleviate period poverty, Women in Training, Inc. provides monthly donations of #WITKITS® -- canvas bags full of menstrual and hygiene products -- to at-risk girls, young women and non-binary youth.


Latest News

Thank you to Neolaia Skincare for making a generous donation to Women in Training. We appreciate your commitment to supporting our youth!

Back in December, Mary Jo Maher Starcher contacted us to learn more about Women In Training (WIT). Fast forward to this summer, and she generously hosted a ZYIA Activewear fundraising party to support WIT. Orders are still coming in; however, it seems like Mary Jo helped us raise about $700 to provide #WITKITS stuffed with menstrual and hygiene supplies for girls in poverty. Thank you, Mary Jo, for having a heart of love and service❣️❣️ #Pandemicsdontstopperiods

Women In Training (WIT) Youth Ambassadors spent the morning with Montgomery Circuit Judge Brooke Reid, who is a WIT board member. Judge Reid spoke with the girls about the judicial process for civil and criminal cases. This piqued Savannah and Brooke’s interest, as Savannah aspires to be a Crime Scene Investigation detective and Brooke aspires to be a judge.


Menstrual Cycle Guide

WIT KITS® Campaign

WIT KITS® Campaign is the signature program of Women in Training, Inc.

Photo by Jill Friedman

Menstrual Education Program

Ssshhh... The "P" word is the best-kept medical secret! Even though half of the population have a period for most of their lives, no one talks openly about it. 

Photo by Jill Friedman

Photo by Jill Friedman

Women in Training, Inc. provides monthly donations of #WITKITS® -- canvas bags full of menstrual and hygiene products -- to organizations that work with underserved girls, young women, and non-binary youth. 

WIT aims to end the stigma and silence about the monthly menses by facilitating 30-minute menstrual education presentations to community groups, religious organizations and schools.

Thank you to our corporate and community partners who provide financial and/or in-kind support to help Women in Training (W.I.T.), Inc. provide services.

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