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Women In Training Co-Founders Named Period Heroes by Always and Walmart

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Just in time for back to school, Always and Walmart donate thousands of menstrual products to children in need through WIT.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Breanna and Brooke Bennett, co-founders of Women In Training, Inc. (WIT), a nonprofit organization that distributes WITKITS ​of menstrual, hygiene and dental products to underserved girls and nonbinary youth, have been named Period Heroes by Always brand of period products and Walmart.

Under the national program, for every pack of Always menstrual products sold in Walmart between Aug. 1 and Aug. 31, Always and Walmart will donate an additional period product to a child in need.

Always and Walmart are highlighting Women In Training, Inc. and other inspiring Period Hero stories on their websites, to help people learn more about period poverty and how to end it in their communities.

Under the program, a total of 2.5 million pads will be donated to organizations like Women In Training, Inc. – the Period Heroes for Alabama – in all 50 states across the U.S.

Always and Walmart are donating nearly 12,000 pads to Women In Training under the program. WIT is using the donation for the September back-to-school giveaway of its signature WITKITS of menstrual, dental and personal hygiene supplies at public schools across Montgomery, Alabama.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to both Always and Walmart for naming our teen co-founders, Breanna and Brooke Bennett, as Alabama’s Period Heroes,” said Dr. LaToya Clark, MD, an OB-GYN who is the president and chairwoman of Women In Training, Inc. “We are not only grateful for this prestigious honor, but also thankful for the donation of menstrual products to go into our WITKITS, which will help children who menstruate stay in school and get a good education.”

One in four American girls and young women skip school or miss work because they cannot afford sanitary pads or tampons to stay healthy and clean during their period.

“We are honored to name Breanna and Brooke Bennett, co-founders of Women In Training, as Period Heroes,” Always and Walmart said in a statement. “Period Heroes are nonprofit organizations and people across the country that work to end period poverty in their communities. They help by providing access to period products in places like schools, shelters and community centers. They also take action to reduce period stigma by educating those around them about this important issue. Breanna and Brooke exemplify the true essence of what it is to be Period Heroes.”

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