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University Professor Makes Bracelets for WIKTKITS Giveaway

Dr. Lee A. Farrow, Distinguished Teaching Professor of History at Auburn University of Montgomery, lovingly makes hundreds of beaded bracelets each year to include in Women in Training, Inc. WITKITS of menstrual, dental and hygiene supplies. On each bracelet, she includes a butterfly charm and an empowering word, such as “love,” “peace,” “beauty” or “power.”

“I truly enjoy making the bracelets to give to girls and young women as a way of expressing love and sisterhood,” said Dr. Farrow, who also serves as Secretary on the WIT Board of Directors. “I often fill up my basket and work on the bracelets while I’m sitting in meetings or watching a movie.”

WIT donates 1,200 WITKITS each month. Since starting in 2019, the organization has donated more than 12,000 WITKITS at public schools, runaway and homeless shelters, programs for prisoners and their families, orphanages and after school community programs. Each complete WITKIT is valued at $50. To donate to the WITKITS Campaign to End Poverty. PERIOD! Please go here.

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