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WIT Young Leaders Meet at Rosa Parks Museum

The WIT Leadership Development Circle members met for their first formal session on April 3, 2021, at the Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University. Ashley Edwards and Charlotte Heyrman, JD, leaders of the Montgomery Bailout Fund, led an interactive workshop on Cultivating Curiosity and How to Be a Good Community Member. Vanya Bellinger from the U.S. Air Force presented on Optimizing Your Virtual Profile and Virtual Etiquette. Dr. Patricia Maggard of GRITS Cafe provided lunch for the WIT Young Leaders and parents. Thank you to the Steering Committee members: Dr. Stephanie McCorvey, Dr. Marcie Webster, Dr. Beverly Hill, Professor Nancy Millice, Dr. Patricia Maggard, Mrs. Claudia Mitchell, Ms. Khadidah Stone and Ms. Tonya White-Evans.

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