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WIT Volunteers Share Love at Tuskegee Shelter for Runaway Girls

Women in Training, Inc. volunteers celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 13, 2022, by sharing love and treats with teenage young women at the Bridges/TEARS Shelter for Runaway Girls in Tuskegee.

Stephanie A. McCorvey, Vice President for Youth Development, Women in Training, Inc., and Dorothea Ligon-Hawley, WIT volunteer, delivered WITKITS, which are butterfly-branded canvas bags containing a month’s supply of menstrual and hygiene supplies, including sanitary pads or tampons, unscented soap, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, shampoo, conditioner and a pair of fuzzy socks. The WITKITS also contained the educational brochure, The WIT Guide to Menstrual Hygiene, written by Dr. LaToya Clark, MD, WIT Chairwoman, President and Medical Director.

Dr. Lee A. Farrow, Ph.D., WIT Secretary of the Board, made a personalized bracelet for each young woman. Dr. Farrow decorated each beaded bracelet with a butterfly and included an inspirational word, such as love, beauty, wisdom or success.

Ms. McCorvey and Ms. Ligon-Hawley sweetened the afternoon by spending time talking with the young women and giving out chocolate candy and red velvet cupcakes.

“We wanted to demonstrate love in action,” McCorvey said. “We gave love and the young ladies, in return, showed us even more love and appreciation.”

Since its founding in July 2019, WIT volunteers have distributed more than 12,000 WITKITS of menstrual and hygiene supplies to girls and women in need across Alabama.

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