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Proceeds from Only the Strong Survive Book Sales to Benefit WIT

Only the Strong Survive: A Womanist Journey is a coffee table tribute to women throughout history who have overcome immense obstacles and pain to triumph! Proceeds from the book sale go directly to support Women in Training, Inc.’s menstrual equity and leadership development programming.

Only the Strong reflects more than 30 years of my grassroots research and writing,” said Adeyela Bennett, WIT chief executive officer and the book’s author. “I am humbled to share my work with girls and women the world over – men, too!”

Written from a womanist perspective that centers on Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), Adeyela takes readers on a journey that highlights women leaders and goddesses from each continent. This book is a great conversation piece for book clubs, women’s groups, and anyone interested in getting a glimpse into the power that women have held in the universe since the beginning of time. The first of its kind, Only the Strong Survive introduces readers of all ages to powerful feminine influencers, such as:

◊ Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US Supreme Court Justice

◊ Atabey, the creator goddess of the Taino-Arawak people of the Bahamas and the Caribbean

◊ Kidst Dingel Mariam, the Ethiopian name for the Virgin Mary

◊ Madragana, the Moorish woman who is an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II

The colorful illustrations throughout the book are as stunning as the cover art of Hadassah, who is commonly known as Queen Esther, by mosaic artist, Lilian Broca.

“I enjoyed carefully selecting the artwork to depict each woman as much as I enjoyed writing about her,” Adeyela said.

Please order multiple copies for employee gifts, or to celebrate the holidays and birthdays. Only the Strong Survive: A Womanist Journey is available on Amazon. You may also purchase copies directly from the publisher, Mountain Arbor Press, by going HERE.

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