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Alabama House of Representatives Unanimously Passes HB 50 Menstrual Supplies Bill

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

By Jill Friedman

Way back in the before times (before COVID-19, before the war in Europe, before a change in President), around July 2019, then 12 year old twins Brooke and Breanna Bennett (with some help from their parents Adeyela Albury Bennett and Bradley Bennett) took on a social issue that had mostly been ignored. They started Women in Training, Inc., an organization committed to eradicating period poverty, so that no one would have to go without menstrual hygiene products; no one would need to miss school for lack of a sanitary pad.

Their WITKITS filled with menstrual and other hygiene products soon were being distributed throughout Montgomery. Then, in February 2020, Brooke and Breanna had a great idea that they brought to Alabama Rep. Rolanda Hollis: public schools should provide menstrual products for free. A bill promoting that was then put in the works. The first three photos are from that meeting with Rep. Hollis and Rep. Morris.

Fast forward two years to March 1, 2022: House Bill 50 that Rep. Hollis sponsored to have Alabama public schools provide free menstrual hygiene products finally got to the House floor and PASSED UNANIMOUSLY! It even garnered 54 co-sponsors, which will certainly help when the bill goes over to the Senate. Though Breanna and Brooke couldn't attend today's vote, their persistent work underlies this victory.

Much appreciation to Rep. Hollis for taking this to the (almost) finish line (still needs to pass in the State Senate to become law) and congratulations to the whole Women In Training, Inc. crew and supporters. Proud to be traveling this road to health equity with WIT.

Photos by Jill Friedman

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