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Congratulations to WIT Young Leaders Heading to University; Please Send a Gift

Congratulations to the four Women in Training, Inc. Young Leaders who are graduating from high school in May 2022. They all plan to attend university in the fall!

The four seniors are all graduating from LAMP Magnet High School, and are as follows:

  • Hannah Huston; will attend the University of Notre Dame

  • Natalee Marvin; will attend Hampton University

  • Jonilah Megie; will attend the University of Alabama

  • Esther Shon; will attend University of Michigan

Ms. Stephanie A. McCorvey, WIT Vice President for Youth Development, said she is proud of the WIT Young Leaders’ accomplishments, and offered these words of wisdom.

“Opportunity gets you to the door,” McCorvey said. “Perseverance will determine how you thrive on the other side. Strut through the door! Thrive and strive – not to make a living – strive to make a difference!”

To donate a financial gift for the WIT Young Leaders' college send off, please go here!

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