Jenna King-Shepherd

Planned Parenthood Liaison

Jenna King-Shepherd is the Alabama State Director of Planned Parenthood Southeast. In this role, she helps drive strategy for the organization’s advocacy and stakeholder engagement work in the state.  Jenna began this work in November 2018, during the fight against Alabama’s Amendment 2, which paved the way to ban all abortion in the state, even in cases of rape and incest. Jenna became a volunteer leader for Planned Parenthood,  sharing her own abortion story publicly and fighting for all Alabamians’ reproductive health and right in the State House and in the community. Her story has been featured in Cosmopolitan, USA Today, BBC News, The New York Times,, and more. Jenna also testified before the Alabama House Health and Senate Judiciary committees in opposition to House Bill 314, Alabama’s outright abortion ban. Jenna joined the Planned Parenthood Southeast team in July 2019, and is looking forward to using this platform to lift up the health care stories of other Alabamians.

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