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Menstrual Hygiene

Girls’ math and science performance will drop post COVID-19, unless we intervene

March 24, 2021

by Adeyela Albury Bennett

Queen Elizabeth has a few drops of Arab and Black blood

March 15, 2021

by Adeyela Albury Bennett

The lesson of Meghan and Prince Harry: Racism is thicker than blood

by Adeyela Albury Bennett

March 9, 2021

In celebration of Women's History Month, Women In Training, Inc. empowered girls to become leaders at the WIT Women's Film Festival and Panel Discussion. Here's a report from Ellis Eskew at Alabama News Network.  

March 4, 2021

Bethany  Davis of WSFA 12 News had a nice chat with some of the panelists and filmmakers from the  WIT Women's Film Festival and Panel Discussion.

March 5, 2021

The joy and power of developing girls into women

by Adeyela Albury Bennett

February 22, 2021

Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 8.08.20 AM.png

When Brooke and Breanna Bennett started Women In Training, Inc. on their 12th birthday to provide free monthly supplies of menstrual and hygiene products to girls in need, they thought they came upon a unique project. Their research indicated that no other group was doing this in Alabama. What they didn't know is that girls and women around the nation -- and the world -- are also working to end period poverty. Here are a few of their stories in Teen Vogue.

January 13, 2021

December 12, 2020

When the givers get sick: My COVID-19 experience

By Adeyela Albury Bennett

December 29, 2020

COVID-19 threat pushes Thanksgiving day meals to go for Montgomery residents in need

November 20, 2020

WIT 5K in the News

Women In Training, Inc. is still about the business of providing free monthly period products, toiletries, hair care products, and COVID-19 personal protective equipment to girls and women in need! Check out Dr. Latoya Clark, WIT President and Board Chairwoman, and Kelsey Babcock, WIT volunteer, with Jalea Brooks on Alabama News Network!

November 2, 2020

Breanna and Brooke Bennett, Women in Training founders, and their mother, spoke with Carolyn Hutcheson on Troy Public Radio’s “In Focus.”

October 6, 2020


Dr. Clark Talks About WIT Virtual 5K 

WSFA interviewed Dr. LaToya Clark, Women In Training Board President and Chairwoman, about the WIT Virtual 5K Race to End Period Poverty. It is always fascinating to see and hear about Dr. Clark handling WIT business in between delivering babies and performing surgery!  

Teen twin sisters are fighting period poverty, and you can too

Op-ed by WIT summer intern, Anika Hutton:

Dr. LaToya Clark named President and Chairwoman of Women in Training, Inc

TEARS Shelter for Runaway Girls in Tuskegee, Alabama

Photos by Jill Friedman

On August 22, 2020, Women In Training volunteers had a fulfilling day giving out WITKITS of menstrual and hygiene supplies, and COVID-19 personal protective equipment at the TEARS Shelter for Runaway Girls in Tuskegee, Alabama. Dr. LaKeshia Thomas of Dentistry for Children gave an inspiring presentation about choices, dreams, and lifelong learning.

Meet the Twins Advocating for Menstrual Equity - Everyday Heroes

Breanna and Brooke Bennett, founders of Women in Training, were guests on MCCPL Lowder Regional Library’s “Teen Talkback: LIVE” to speak about how Women In Training advocates for menstrual equity!  

When Brooke Bennett  envisioned creating a project to alleviate #periodpoverty, Breanna wasn’t really “feeling” it. Later, she saw a YouTube video about the challenges imprisoned women have accessing tampons and sanitary pads. THIS touched her heart. Bree then joined her twin in creating Women In Training.

Recently, for the first time, at Aid to Inmate Mothers, Breanna met a woman who had been imprisoned. In fact, Geneva Cooley, age 72, served 17 years of a life sentence without parole in the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women for a drug conviction. Fortunately for Ms. Cooley, Alabama lawmakers in 2019 reduced mandatory minimums for nonviolent crimes to include the possibility of parole.

Volunteer lawyers successfully argued that Ms. Cooley’s life sentence without parole violated the Eighth Amendment, which protects Americans from cruel and unfair punishment. Bree, quiet for a change, hugged Ms. Cooley and gave her a #WITKIT of hygiene and dental products. "You look like you could be my granddaughter," Ms. Cooley softly said as she embraced Bree. 

May 15, 2020

Thank you to Shauna-Kay's Motivational Breeze for interviewing Breanna and Brooke Bennett about their efforts to alleviate #period poverty through Women In Training. Shauna-Kay is across the world in Dubai!

May 9, 2020

Local Female Empowerment Group Donates Feminine Hygiene Products to Brantwood Children’s Home

April 21, 2020

Period poverty in a pandemic. Limited supply stops some from getting hygiene products

April 21, 2020

WIT is inspiring bills in the 2020 Legislative session. Recently, State Rep. Rolanda Hollis introduced HB-237. The bill would require schools serving fifth through twelfth grade to provide free menstrual products. 

March 2, 2020

February 19, 2020

Photos by Jill Friedman

U.S. Senator Doug Jones of Alabama asked Breanna and Brooke Bennett what inspired them to be change agents. 

February 2020

Women in Training, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. As such, WIT does not endorse any political candidates.
When girls can’t afford pads or tampons, some skip school. These twins want to change that

September  18, 2019

Photo by Jill Friedman

12-Year-Old Montgomery Twins Distribute   #WITKITS® to Girls 

September  17, 2019

Photo by Jill Friedman

Architects of Change

Interview with co-directors of Architects of Change, Brooke and Breanna Bennett

Photo by Jill Friedman

February 16, 2019

U.S. Senator Doug Jones congratulates the "Architects of Change" Documentary "tween" filmmakers, Breanna and Brooke Bennett. 

Photo by Jill Friedman

February 11, 2019

Trailer for Architects of Change

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