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Women In Training - WIT has a summer intern! The brilliant Anika Hutton is a rising junior at Brown University. A biology major, she has great writing skills and an in-depth understanding of the problems caused by #periodpoverty. Furthermore, I believe Anika will serve as an inspiring role model for 12-year-old WIT founders, Breanna and Brooke Bennett. Please join me in welcoming Anika to WIT❣️


Young people of middle and high school age who identify as girls and young women may join Women in Training, Inc.

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We need you! WIT needs volunteers with a wide variety of skills to accomplish our mission. Please contact us to find out how you can help!

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Ms. Alabama American Royal Beauties Delivers Menstrual Products to Girls in Quarantine

If the mountain can’t go to Muhammad, then Muhammad goes to the mountain. Ms. Perdale L. Johnson, Ms. Alabama American Royal Beauties, took just that stance. Perdale is the executive director of New Beginnings Educational Center, which is closed because of #COVID-19 pandemic. After our Women In Training volunteer, Sissy Speirs, delivered a monthly supply of menstrual and hygiene products to New Beginnings, Perdale packed them in bags, added a few treats, and hand delivered them to girls in her after school program. What a sweet act of love.

Thank you, Courtney LaShae [on the right] from the Women In Training board of directors for delivering monthly menstrual supplies to That's My Child. Pandemics don’t stop periods! And, racism doesn’t stop periods! In fact, young women living in poverty suffer more from fibroids and heavy loss of blood due to stress and poor nutrition.

Note the beautiful, hopeful paintings on the walls of That’s My Child

Thank you, Carla Slavin-Klein, for crocheting these beautiful and sturdy washcloths for Women in Training to include in #WITKITS of menstrual and hygiene items that we donate to underserved girls and young women.

On her wedding anniversary, Tammi Poff donated finances, time, and love energy to gift a box full of sanitary pads and several packs of Dove unscented soap to Women In Training! The precious items will go in #WITKITS — sturdy canvas bags full of menstrual, hygiene, and dental products — for underserved girls, young women, and nonbinary youth. Thank you so much Tammi, and happy anniversary! Pandemics don’t stop periods!

Did you know 44 to 55 percent of foster girls and boys end up in the homeless community? In Montgomery, Alabama, there are 800 homeless people in a population of 200,000 people. True, that is a very small percentage of the total population — unless your mother, sister, daughter, student, friend or colleague is among that number. 


Yes, colleague!

“Many homeless women and men are actually employed,” said LaDonna Brendle of Reality & Truth Ministries. “We appreciate so much the menstrual and hygiene products that Women in Training provides; no one can use food stamps to purchase these items that both women and men need to be clean at work and school.”


Ms. Brendle said the women and girls love the special touch of the handmade WIT bracelets made by Dr. Lee A. Farrow and a team of volunteers. “Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful, especially when they go out to work and school,” Brendle said.


Thank you, Dr. Yvette Hochberg of Plantation Productions, for connecting Women in Training with Reality & Truth Ministries.

Dr. Ashley Latrice Cochran was inspired when she heard Breanna and Brooke speak with Ashley Lala Edwards on the Foreword South podcast about how they used their 12th birthday to solicit donations to buy menstrual, hygiene, and dental supplies to give underserved girls. In turn, Dr. Cochran asked her friends to make donations to Women in Training, Inc. (WIT), in lieu of giving her birthday gifts. Her friends donated enough sanitary pads, deodorant, soap, loofas, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, journals, socks, and panties to put together 15 #WITKITS for girls, women, and nonbinary youth in foster care or homeless shelters! Thank you, Dr. Cochran, for caring and for honoring WIT on your birthday. 

A special Women in Training, Inc. (WIT) shoutout to Mrs. Paulette Romney for shipping tons of colorful beads, charms, string, and other supplies to make bracelets to include in #WITKITS for impoverished girls, women, and nonbinary youth. WIT board member, Dr. Lee A. Farrow from Auburn University at Montgomery, lovingly makes the bracelets, each with a butterfly charm and an empowering word, to include in each #WITKIT. We continue to give away #WITKITS, filled with free period products, soap, washcloths, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, lotion, socks, panties, toothbrushes, and toothpaste because pandemics do not stop the menstrual cycle.  

Dr. Lee A. Farrow, History Professor at Auburn University at Montgomery, along with a team of volunteers, faithfully makes gorgeous bracelets to go in each WITKIT®. Dr. Farrow personalizes each bracelet with a butterfly charm and an empowering word, such as beauty, gifted, peace, power, faith and adorable. After all, menstruating youth need free period products, as well as love!

To help purchase beads to make the bracelets, please go to our Amazon wish list.


A crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic hits marginalized communities hardest. Menstruating girls, women, and nonbinary youth continue to have a monthly flow, but no money to buy sanitary pads.

The brave Dr. Yvette Hochberg [pictured with WIT co-founder Brooke Bennett] risked her life to deliver Women In Training #WITKITS full of menstrual, hygiene, and dental products to families at Reality & Truth Ministries, a rescue mission for homeless and displaced families. Also pictured is a photo of one of the young women who appreciated receiving a #WITKIT.

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