Rev. Dr. Jaquetta Parhams

Efficientime Life Management

Jacquetta Y Parhams is a native of Los Angeles, California, and the world due to her father’s military experience.  After attending six schools around the world, she graduated from Gardena High School.  She majored in Business until she began working full time as a Customer Service Representative at AT&T in 1980.  Consequently, customer service is of ultimate primacy in all of Parhams’ work.  

She worked in the Business department until 1983, when she was transferred to Priority Accounts, where she was responsible for United Airlines, World Airways and Federal Express.  In 1986, Parhams decreased her hours to work part-time in order to complete her Baccalaureate and Masters degrees.  She earned a BA in English and a Special Emphasis BA in Black Studies and Religious Studies in 1989 and a M.Div. in Theology, with a concentration in MultiCultural Ministries in 1992.

In Seminary, Parhams served as African Advocate on the MultiCultural Concerns Committee, referred to on campus as MC3.  She was elected Regional Vice Presidenf of the Western Region of the National Association of Black Seminarians.  She interned under Rev. Dr. Benjamin F. Reid and trained under Minister Herb Tiller to work with gang members.  Later, she collaborated with Christ Center Church in Prison Ministry.  

Parhams founded a life consulting/coaching company, Efficientime Life Management (EFX), in 1992, and in 1995, she founded and published Rhythm of the Drum: Our Wholistic Magazine (ROTD).  For EFX, Parhams developed a time management program to help her clients meet their bottom line by being more efficient, on-time and healthier.  Concurrently, she began publishing ROTD to get wholistic health information from the people who had it to the readers who needed it.  In 2008, Parhams shifted her focus to include leadership in ministry.  Dr. Parhams served as Director of the In-Service Training Institute-West, the educational arm of the Interstate Association of the Church of God 2010-2013.  As director, she designed the curriculum, led the organizational team and coordinated the schedule of classes.  She was ordained in the Church of God in 2011.  Thereafter, she was fondly referred to as Rev. Jacquetta or Rev. J

Currently, Rev. Jacquetta serves as the Director of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, The Whole-Self Ministries, to assist Black Family Caregivers to learn Self-Care and locate the resources they need to make their lives as healthy and fulfilling as possible.

Rev. Jacquetta is the middle child of two parents, who remained married until the transition-into-the-afterlife of her father in 2015.  She surrounds herself with supportive family, friends and associates.  Her life is all about practicing and teaching Self-Care and Spiritual growth.  She makes herself available to coach, teach, preach, consult and speak to inspire and uplift, helping others to develop their own Self-Care and Spiritual growth practices.  

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